Wondering what to expect during a Nature Explorers class? We will keep busy with movement, song and dance, themed educational activities, reading a storybook, completing a mindful craft and hiking, all subtly integrated with yoga principles. Nature Explorers classes are less focused on yoga and more on nature discovery.

Exploring the Benefits of Outdoor Education

Discover the joy of outdoor educational programming for children and families, where affordable classes blend movement, mindfulness, and meditation within the beauty of nature.

Through engaging activities like gentle yoga and interactive games, our programs promote physical well-being while teaching mindfulness practices, allowing participants to connect with their surroundings and find inner peace.

Join us for an enriching outdoor experience that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit, fostering a bond with nature and each other.


Every class we offer is thoughtfully designed to engage both children and their caregivers in an active and educational experience.

Each program gives kids (and parents!) the opportunity to get their bodies moving while learning- whether through yoga poses, moving along to a joyful themed song or just participating in our hike.

Even our hikes are more than just a walk; they are crafted to be participatory experiences that stimulate learning and interaction with the environment. This blended approach ensures that each session is not only about getting active but also about creating a memorable learning journey.

woman sitting on brown stone near green leaf trees at daytime


Explore the benefits of introducing meditation at an early age, including improved concentration, relaxation, and emotional well-being.


We use age appropriate fun and engaging activities to teach techniques to calm the mind, increase focus, and reduce stress through mindfulness practices.

The Power of Mindfulness and Meditation for Children

Explore the transformative benefits of mindfulness and meditation for children.

Join our outdoor Nature Explorers classes that incorporate these practices along with nature discovery, fostering a sense of calm, focus, and self-awareness.

Nature Discovery

Experience the wonders of nature through hands-on activities, nature walks, and exploration.

Each week we focus on a different theme and take an age appropriate deep dive into the topic.